Audio noise reduction and speech signal amplification

Noise cancellation technology can be applied to both full-frequency noise reduction and suppression, as well as targeted noise interference in specific frequency bands. However, noise cancellation may also affect to some extent the desired sound content that needs to be preserved. The more complex the acoustic environment, the more likely it is for full-frequency noise or relatively large amounts of noise to affect the desired sound information and thereby impact the interpretation of sound content (or even distort the interpretation of listening results).

Forensic examination of potential recorded voice evidence tampering

Authentication of Audio Evidence for Legal Action

Due to the widespread use of smart mobile devices, phone recording software, and surveillance equipment such as IP cameras, audio recording has become a common form of evidence in legal proceedings and a helpful tool for police investigations and private detective work. The authenticity and credibility of audio files are particularly important and critical for such purposes.

Voice Biometric Analysis, Comparison, and Identification

Through voice spectral analysis, comparison, and identification, we can determine whether a voice had been spliced, modified, tampered with, or post-produced. We can also determine to what extent an unknown voice sample matches a known object's voice exemplar. By analyzing the acoustic characteristics of mechanical, ship engine, mobile equipment, and other sound effects, we can assist in identifying the type and even exact model of the unknown mechanical sounds based on the comparison against known voice samples.

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